Friday, July 20, 2007

xkcd video - Computational Linguistics

I'm always looking to try new things when making videos and I recently had an idea. I'm a big fan of the web comic xkcd and judging from how often it's referenced in comments, so are at least a few of my readers. I've been thinking for a while that some of the comics would lend themselves to making short videos.

Or at least they'd lend themselves to my style of no-budget video making. To be more accurate, a lot of the comics could be made into good videos. But my no-budget approach limits which ones I think I could do effectively.

So I emailed the creator, Randall Munroe, to see if he'd be OK with it. After a while he emailed back saying he was fine so long as I provided attribution which I always do anyway. Actually, the delay in his reply gave me an indication of how much email he must get. I think the technical term is "a shitload".

So here's the attribution: this first video is based on this comic about Computational Linguistics. I changed a few small things to make it topical for me. And I used me and not a stick figure. Other than that, I think I stayed true to the spirit of the original." type="application/x-shockwave-flash" quality="high" WIDTH="445" HEIGHT="369" wmode="transparent">
XKCD'>">XKCD - Computational Linguistics

I'll be doing more of these over the coming months (I've bookmarked a dozen or so I think I can do justice). Let me know if you have a favourite you'd like to see me attempt. No fair nominating ones that have people travelling through space and/or alternate dimensions

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