Saturday, May 27, 2006

All Hail The Foreskin King!

Well, I won't bore you at too much length with how I've been obsessing over my site state this week but the big news as far as I'm concerned is that if you enter "foreskin blog" in Google I appear in the top five results. I always wondered what I would be famous for and now I know. I'm thinking of getting a t-shirt printed up: "I appear in the top 5 Google results for 'foreskin blog'" Mum would be so proud.

Using sexual terms in blog posts continues to be a good way to be a good way to appear in search engine results and the ever popular "nude sex" remains my calling card. But this week, to my eternal delight, "fully clothed sex" appeared twice in the search results. The disturbing thing is some of these search terms give you too much of an insight into how fucked up people can be. I'm not going to pollute your minds with the worst ones but trust me, they're bad.

I'm probably happiest when people use search terms that I have actually covered in posts, like this week there was "toilet etiquette" (several times) "hanging toilet paper", "drug abuse", "brake lights stay on" and "hippies and crystals". And lots of Stephen Colbert and Daily Show searches. And I do hope the people searching for "what makes people angry", "example of an angry man" and "I am fucking angry all the time" found what they were looking for.

And yesterday I found out what happens when someone puts a link to your blog on reddit and it doesn't really take off. You get about 200 extra site visits. Woo! Apparently if you hit their front page you end up with thousands or even tens of thousands of extra visits. Still, I hit a new high of over 300 visits in a day so I'm happy.

I hope at least some new readers find a reason to stick around.


beatnikzblog said...

Oh Mr.Angry..I wish I too get a reason like this to make my mum proud.:) And whether or not many new ones discover your blog..old ones will always stick around :)

Michelle said...

You know, repeating those words and terms in this post is just going to bring a whole bunch of new weirdos looking for various types of angry sex, clothed or nude, with Stephen Colbert in the toilet.

Mr Angry said...

Beatnik: awww you're sweet

Michelle: the thought never occured to me :) I'm not cyncially exploiting the terms at all