Saturday, May 13, 2006

Attracting Sick Deviant Sex Pervert Bestiality Enthusiasts

I know I blogged just the other day about the weird/funny search terms that are directing people to my blog but a few that have popped up since then that have been... well, judge for yourself:

"what to do when your (sic) fucking angry" - welcome friend, take a seat. Sit and learn.

"get angry every night drink" - well, get angry every night blog is my recipe for mental well being. Lay off the drinking, son.

"proper use of the word irony Mr. Angry" - someone actually looking for me! That's nice.

There were several more variations on 365 days a year so it seems as if my rather arbitrary blog name is good for driving some unintended traffic. People looking for hot blog topics (like Stephen Colbert) seem to be directed through technorati, the general search engine stuff seems to be very... general. That information may or may not be useful to anyone.

And now we get to the search string that made my day: "right way to hang toilet paper". YES! Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes! Somebody what seeking enlightenment AND THEY FOUND IT! It makes all my blogging worthwhile to know I've guided one questing soul on the right way to hang toilet paper.

Oh and then there was "STRANGLE ME WHEN YOU FUCK ME" Yes, the search was all in caps. Makes the perv seem even more freaky. I don't know what these "hot wet sex with nubile teen perky blonde lesbians who are doubtless barely legal" seeking individuals think when they land on my blog but I'm hoping I provide them with some brief diversion in their one-handed web surfing.

And I hope they tell their friends.


Michelle said...

It seems as though there are more freaky sex searches on the internet than anything else. For all the google searches I get about 1 in 3 is for something strange like that, though my blog doesn't really contain that sort of thing. Too much.

Dr. Nazli said...

Laughing, My Angry :-) Perhaps they get really angry at finding intellectual discourse, instead ;-)

Mr Angry said...

Michelle: I still think they'd prefer to land on your site than mine :)

Dr Nazli: Intelligent discourse versus graphic intercourse? I'm not sure they'd be satisifed. Still, you never know.