Monday, May 01, 2006

Hang Them All!

Let the punishment fit the crime, I say. In line with this, I will now identify a dangerous and clandestine group who are threatening to undermine the very fabric of society. The only punishment fit for these people is public hanging. Their crime?

Hanging toilet paper the wrong way around.

You may have thought this was simply a matter of choice. That there was no big difference between the toilet roll with the paper hanging over the front or dangling from behind. You couldn't be more wrong. This is one of those fundamental issues that can shake the very foundations of society. This isn't a situation where allowing a different point of view is a good thing; this is a case of right and wrong.

Sometimes different is good. I would go so far as to say most of the time difference is good. It's one of those things that makes life more interesting - all the little differences between people. For instance, saying you are only going to wear red for a year an/or showing up to an awards ceremony with what appears to be a white swan wrapped around you is good. Quirky, arty, interesting. Hanging toilet paper the wrong way is not "different". It's wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong!

The important part of this issue is that it isn't a casual occurrence. I have identified the actions of a clandestine group going around hanging toilet paper the wrong way. And they try to poison the minds of others. Sometimes they'll say "it doesn't matter which way you hang the paper," other times they'll go so far as to say "this is the right way." And the poor innocents duped by them have no idea how they're being manipulated.

I recently suffered an invasion of the influence of these miscreants in my own home! Periodically, I would discover that toilet paper was hanging the wrong way at my house even though (it should go without saying) I always make sure to hang it correctly. At first I thought they were sneaking into my home when I was asleep or at work to mess with my head. But then I saw the pattern. These paper reversals coincided with visits from my girlfriend.

Surely she couldn't be one of them? A deep cover agent sent in to undermine my life from within? When I pointed out to her what had happened with the toilet paper she had no idea she'd even been doing it. How sick is that? They'd infected her with some sort of post-hypnotic suggestion so she didn't even realise she was doing their bidding.

It's interesting to note that vampires have this power of mind control. I'm not saying that everyone who hangs the toilet paper the wrong way is a vampire; all I'm doing is putting the idea out there for your consideration.

Thankfully, the situation is now remedied. My girlfriend has been successfully de-programmed and my household toilet paper is secure. So now the bastards are coming at me from another angle.

My workplace, like many, uses bulk toilet paper dispensers. But this dispenser comes straight from the mind of Satan himself! It is constructed in an evil fashion that means if the toilet paper is hung the correct way the dispenser won't work. These sick bastards have won a government contract that lets them fit out workplace toilets in a way that advances their sinister and depraved goals.

Are there no depths they won't sink to?


allmylovins said...

Please forgive my ignorance....but which way do you consider the "right way"....I prefer over the top...but then I'm usually over the top on most issues.

Mr Angry said...

I'm here to educate allmylovins.. you seem to have it right, hanging over the top is correct, not dangling from behind.

I too like a life over the top!

Evi said...

People with little children (and pets too possibly I suppose) may be the culprits here...let me explain the infiltration agenda successfully manifested at my own home...when little hands or paws take to rolling the toilet paper roll whilst on the roller (with a one hand, no grab, petting kind of fashion) the 'right' way you end up with a wasted pile of now contaminated toilet paper on the floor...but...if you hang it the wrong way...dangling from behind...this does not happen. Sinister undercover agents they are I tell you. Our own ensuite is the only bathroom we could hang properly when they used to do this.

I know you went to try this right away, didn't you?

Mr Angry said...

You're giving them too much credit Evi. What you're describing is a perfectly reasonable adaptation to suit a given circumstance. What I'm describing is an evil cabal aiming to overthrow all that is good and decent in our world.

Two different things.

Dr. Nazli said...

Mr Angry - clearly the whole world is conspiring against you. Here ia a solution for this earth-rolling problem: sideway dispensers :-) have you seen those?

cheers :-)

mooncrazy said...

Don't you think it's odd you went through that whole ranty-ass post and didn't give instructions as to how it should be and why it's the right way?

I thought it was your job to teach us morons.

Mr Angry said...

Dr Nazli: I haven't seen them but I'm not sure I want to make any concessions to these fiends

Mooncrazy: I thought I made it clear - hanging thetoilet paper over the front is correct, dangling from behind is wrong.