Monday, May 22, 2006

The DaVinci Code - "Fiction" Furore Defused

Let me start by saying I don't give a shit about the DaVinci Code. I haven't read the book and I have no interest in doing so. I'd doubt I'm going to go see the movie either. Not out of any pathological objection to the subject matter - I just don't care enough about it. There are about 1,000 books I'll read before I bother.

The ridiculous concept that the movie should include some disclaimer that it's "fiction" is an insult to any rational person's intelligence. Of course it's fiction, it's a fucking movie. The "source material" has been comprehensively proven to be false. End of story. Dan Brown is a bullshitter. Big woop.

And yet some insecure christians insist on giving the movie and book free publicity. Unless it's some sort of elaborate publicity stunt and there are no real christians stupid enough to get worked up about it. I realise that the vast majority of christians aren't stupid enough to fall for this shit but it troubles me that anyone might be. Anyway, Gandalf has saved the day.

Sir Ian McKellan, who played Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings movies, is in the DaVinci Code movie. When being interviewed about the "fiction" idea he responded with "the bible should have a disclaimer in front saying this is fiction." Way to defuse the situation Sir Ian.

No more controversy.


zenstar said...

talking about books and movies...

they should totally make a sequel to passion of the christ.
Passion of the christ II: return of the christ!
he's back and he's pissed off!

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review 1: (90 people found this helpful)
the characters are a bit two dimensional, and the author struggles to keep his facts straight (often contradicting himself) but there are plent of twists and you'll be reading one-handed when you get to the bit about soddom & gamorha.
i give it a dead average 2.5 stars.
hopefully the other books in the trilogy will revive the failing story.

moonflake said...

Ian McKellan is my new favorite person in the world :)

Mr Angry said...

zenstar: nice review. I heard it was too preachy; everyone in the book is a sinner. Except this one guy...

moonflake: he's cool isn't he? He's cleary reached that "don't give a shit" stage in life.

moonflake said...

i think the continual flak he receives from the christian wingnut division because he's gay has kind of turned him against the bible and its advocates. And rightly so.

Michelle said...

Gandalf is great!
All hail Gandalf!

pigeon weather said...

Sir Ian also had a nice quote to the effect that he though the Catholic Church should be glad to see a married, heterosexual Jesus, since they hate gays so much.

Mr Angry said...

The funny thing was the bit I read of the reaction heard in the background (either director Ron Howard or lead actor Tom Hanks) described as "nervous laughter" as Sir Ian was talking. Doubtles thinking "no, no, we agreed -no controversy, remmber?"