Monday, May 08, 2006


A few things I can't be angry about:

I do this blog on both Blogger and Wordpress. The content is identical - I'm trying to decide which software I prefer. Not only am I leaning towards Wordpress because of some of its features, but since around the 400 visitors mark the Wordpress blog viewings have been growing at around twice the rate of this one. Yesterday I hit three milestones with the Wordpress blog: over 1000 total viewings, more than 100 viewings in a single day (for the first time) and more than 200 comments total. Even after I deleted the comment spam. Small potatoes in the big world of blogging but I feel good this morning. I love each and every one of my readers! On both blogs. If I add them together I guess I'm approaching 2000 views which is pretty cool.

One thing I'm sad about:

I just found out that Grant McClennan of the Go-Betweens died on Saturday night. They were a great band, not may favourite but McClennan was responsible for on of my all-time favourite song lyrics:

The white moon comes out
Like a hole in the sky
The mangrove goes quiet

They were at their height in the 80's (in my opinion) although they had reformed six years ago and seemed to be getting some mainstream attention lately. So how can I explain them for you kids who never heard of them? Put it this way: without The Go-Betweens there is no Belle and Sebastian.

I promise to write an angry post later today. I think it will be about foreskins.


Dr. Nazli said...

Mr Angry! How are you mayte? (that is Autralian for "hello", right?)

Just catching up on your blogs - the one on drugs was especially insightful. Given your anti-follower attitude, I am not surprised that you neither drank nor did drugs at university! Actually neither did I - but only because it was too amusing to watch my sorority sisters being awfully silly

Colbert Club - I am in!

Never have heard of Go-Betweens nor Wordpress - oh the things I learn on your blog :-)


Dr. Nazli said...

oh and congratulations on the milestone hits!!

hey - how about an angry blog entry on cell phone reception ...?

Mr Angry said...

Thank Dr Nazli. Hmm mobile phones generally - there a rich topic I haven't mined. I must ruminate!

zenstar said...

hey... your hits are impressive.
much better than the sort of traffic i get. i only get something like 200 hits a month (and i'm willing to bet a decent portion of that is myself checking my site).
don't forget to add a bit extra for RSS feeds though. they don't show up on hitcounters normally.

Mr Angry said...

Zenstar: it's all about shameless linkwhoring. Not comment spam like you pointed out in the other post but finding a blog you like and can actually make a meaningful comment on. It's a slow building process but you find some interesting blogs along the way.