Saturday, June 10, 2006

Another Week with an Angry Blog

Well, quite a week. A few appearances on reddit led to some leaps and bound on my Wordpress stats (by my standards anyway). Apparently if they really like you, it results in thousands of hits rather than the hundreds I got, but I'm pretty impressed with the results. Now, I'm not suggesting any of my loyal readers should go and submit any of my posts to the various "memediggers"... but if you thought any posts deserved it (wink, wink).

Of course, the biggest step forward was posting my first video blogs. I had a lot of fun doing them and they've received a pretty positive response so I'll definitely be doing more. Until I get into a rhythm with them I won't predict how often they'll appear but hopefully I'll manage a couple a week. Those with long memories would notice that the material in the vlogs is from old posts, so if you have any favourites you think I should perform, let me know. (also, feel free to visit youtube to rate my videos there too:

Some trivia point from the video that nobody mentioned in comments:

- the toilet one was actually video-ed in my toilet. I'll leave it up to your imagination how much "realism" I went for during the making.

- the t-shirt in the second one was specifically purchased to be worn during Mr Angry performances. I saw the slogan and couldn't say no.

- I actually gave this material a test run at a party where various people were doing various performances. It was supposed to be adults-only so I was comfortable with their ability to handle my potty mouth. I rehearsed for a while and was all ready to go when at the last minute someone included an 8 year old girl in the audience. Now that made me angry - I had to re-do all the material on the fly to make it clean. Although I did still let slip with sodomising wallabies. Sod it - she was 8, she shouldn't have understood what I was saying anyway.

I'll close off with some of my favourite search terms from the logs.

I continue to be major destination for all things foreskin and circumcision, which is as it should be. The other foreskin sites are all "serious" to some degree, either being circumcision support groups or selling some sort of foreskin replacement. It must really piss them off that they're being outranked by some idiot with an angry blog. Sucks to be them. The number one circumcision question I feel I can answer is "do circumcised men get more blowjobs". The answer is a definitive yes - slice it off now boys.

My favourite term "clothed sex" continues to appear and I really wish I could find some decent fully-clothed porn to keep these punters happy. Likewise, I don't have any beastiality pix or underage porn but that doesn't stop the searchers. Non-sex related searches that I'm equally useless for are the many people looking for ways to fix washing machines. I don't fix the damn things - I break them. Speaking of which, the dryer I kicked the crap out of got replaced with a much better one. Should I feel guilty for killing it or proud that I got everyone a better dryer?

I'm going for proud. Angry and proud.

The one that's cracking me up is searches for Alan Jones and toilet sex. This is unlikely to mean much to non-Australians but he's a fairly prominent right-wing shock here, and he got busted about 20 years ago in London for toilet trading. I mentioned him once in passing and he's started to show up in search terms lately. I don't know if there's a new scandal brewing but you need to get your spin doctors onto this Alan, people want to know about you having sex in public toilets.

And finally, my quest to be more recognised as the premier angry blog is going well. Last week I didn't figure at all in the Google results but now I've reached the second page. I have you bastards at the top in my sights. Watch your backs.

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