Saturday, June 17, 2006

A thought before bedtime

What is it that makes pedestrians so sure I'm going to stop when they walk out in front of me? I'm not talking about when they're on a crossing or they have the green light telling them to cross - I'm a great respecter of pedestrian rights. I'm talking about suicidal fucks who step right into traffic. I would actually have some respect for them if they admitted they were deliberately trying to commit suicide - it's a pretty good plan. Sadly, I'm pretty sure it's Darwinism in action I'm witnessing, not any well thought-out plan.

The real prize-winners are:

- walking into peak hour traffic. Drivers in peak hour are either pissed off about having to go to work or worn out and desperate to get home. Don't get in their way.

- large crowds who swarm across the road against the light simply because everyone else in the crowd is doing it. Look up lemmings - there is only one way this is going to end up.

- people who walk into traffic at night on a poorly lit street while wearing black clothes. I call these ones "speed bumps".

Will you people please grow a fucking brain? I really don't want to run anyone over. I'd feel bad. But you know what? Eventually the bad feeling will go away. And you'll still be dead.


Dislocated Gumby said...

I think I should feel offended or something by this post. I just blogged about this--only from the receiving end's point of view. :-P

I am, of course, just kidding. It was very funny reading about this from the opposite perspective!

Alison said...

The streets here in Manhattan are fight to the death kind of streets. Pedestrians? Cabs? Buses? Yeah, we're all out there, and we'll gnaw each other to death.

Mr Angry said...

DG: You will note I said I respect the rights of pedestrians :) It's the dumb suicidal ones I don't like

Alison: Tis true, Melbourne is a quiet country town compared to real cities like New York

Michelle said...

I have the opposite problem. I'm a walker in a city where drivers are for the most part cluless assholes. I try to cross at the crossing or the lights most of the time, but sometimes it just makes no difference, it's almost as if you're just crossing any old where on a busy street.

Mr Angry said...

Oh, the drivers are arseholes here too. Which makes careless pedestrians even more suicidal.