Friday, June 09, 2006

Last Minute Feedback Request

I'm going to start work on Mr Angry's video blog today and I'm looking for some advice from regular readers (or random passing strangers for that matter) who may have formed an opinion of what Mr Angry is like. Which do you think sounds funnier: Mr Angry's natural state is screaming all the time or Mr Angry spends most of his time struggling (semi-successfully) to keep his rage under control and occasionally loses his shit and ends up screaming?

Or do you think I should try both and see which works best?


allmylovins said...

I would like to see Mr Angry struggling to keep his rage under control. What I think would be funny is his eyes start getting bigger as the rage grows. Then his face gets redder and redder until steam shoots from his ears and nose when he's reached his boiling point. (maybe I watched too many cartoons as a kid) don't forget the gritting of the teeth and possessed eyes when he talks.

mooncrazy said...

I never think of you screaming as I read this, I think of you with an angry straight-forward voice that maybe gets a bit louder to make a point. If I imagined you screaming all the time it would give me a headache and I'd click-off. An angry voice with lots of sarcasm. Rather snide and lots of sarcasm. Yup that's how you sound here.

Mr Angry said...

allmylovins: I don't think I'll have any effects at first - apart from a mask.

mooncrazy: We'll see how it goes, I'll probably try a few things as I go along.

pigeon weather said...

i would love to see all variations. then you could take a poll. or at least rant about how there's a stupid fucking poll about everything and it's all just so the common fuckwits can think their opinions matter :}