Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mr Angry by Request

Well, Howard thinks I'm not angry enough lately. The miserable fucker. I suppose he has a bit of a point but I thinking recommending the execution of spammers is pretty goddam angry. Howard gave me a few suggestions for angriness which I'm going to try and follow up on (with some help - what's some good stock market dirt to be angry about Howard?) and while I'm at it, I may as well hold open the door for requests. Anything in particular y'all want me to get angry about?

Also, to update my sad desperate plea for attention, Wordpress is still acting totally wacko so I'm going to hold off updating the site design until they stabilise things. So anyone who links to let me know via comments and I will return the favour later this week.

Also, I'm working on another vlog tonight so you might see that tomorrow. Stay tuned.


Michelle said...

Well maybe you should open a can of whipass on Howard's ass, whoever he is. That seems pretty angry to me.

pigeon weather said...

hope you don't mind if i post a friend's rant here - seemed like a good spot for it. you and your readers might enjoy it!

Here's why we're fucked in this country, why 'our kind' will always be atiny fringe group and why these idiots reelected Bush:

"Yet this voluntarism and this separation of church and state have not ledto religious indifference or religious apathy. Indeed, with the exceptionof Ireland, the United States is the most religious society in the Westernworld. Nearly 90 percent of Americans say they consider themselves religious believers of one sort or another, about 80 percent identify with
some Christian faith, 79 percent believe in the Virgin Birth, 78 percent say Jesus physically rose from the dead, 48 percent claim to have had a "born again" Christian experience, and more than 40 percent of Americans say that they are weekly churchgoers, although those who actually attend church may be closer to 25 percent. At any rate there is an enormous number of different religious groups, over 1,500 by one count, with seventy-five different kinds of Baptists alone. Even in the face of the relentless "secularization" of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, religion in America still flourishes."
--Gordon S. Wood, from an article in the New York Review of Books

It's that fucking supernatural Jesus! I just reread (or listened to) the New Testament again and i think it's a really odious document. Jesus himself is not too bad, though he is annoying, but Paul is a big fat dick! Really. He says probably half a dozen times: Slaves obey your
masters. How could anyone descended from serfs or servants, indentured men or slaves--and that's most of us--ever call himself an adherent of that particular religion? And there's not one nominal christian in a thousand who actually agrees with even a tiny fraction of what Jesus said or stands for. Big fat fucking hypocrites! God's been dead for a long time and these assholes just don't get it.

Boy is Chopper pissed today or what.