Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Let's make a deal!

Wordpress is acting absolutely screwy today but at least I got a post up. It's made me pause a little in my plan to dump Blogger altogether, I think I'll keep it, for a while at least, as a backup. But I'm definitely only promoting the Wordpress blog. With this in mind, I have decided to try and bribe my readers.

Part of my blog promotion efforts involves an obsession with my Technorati ranking. My Blogger blogroll has been shamefully ignored, I kept meaning to add to it but it's a little bit of a hassle and I've never gotten around to it. So, if any of my loyal Blogger readers have me on their blogroll and drop me a line (comments or email) I'll add you to my Wordpress blogroll. Likewise, anyone who adds me, I'll add them. This goes for anyone who reads my Wordpress blog as well. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Share the link love!

My current target is rather modest; to get into Technorati's top 100,000. This is the last time I'll be updating my blogroll for a while, so if you're as shallow as me, jump on board! It might not be important to you but you'd be making a shallow man (me) very happy.


Michelle said...

Yes, add me, add me! I desperately need a boost in rankings. If you prefer to have your wordpress blog linked let me know. You'll need to provide a link of course.

pigeon weather said...

and i thought a blogroll was something you got at a sushi joint!

beatnikzblog said...

did u say just drop in a line? :)

Mr Angry said...

Yes, I should have been clearer, anyone who links to http://angryaussie.wordpress.com/

just let me know and I'll return the favour :)

kyklops said...

I don't see an email link here so sorry about clogging up your comments!
I've switched your link on my blog to the wordpress site (and I've changed my browser bookmark to give you a few more hits when I drop in).
I'm at


By the way, you might be amused by a small story I posted the other day about the Japan/Australia World Cup match...