Saturday, June 10, 2006

Mr Angry Vlog Number Two

Insert gratuitous "number two" joke here. This one is way angrier. Lots of swears too. Don't play it around the kids. I really like how these have gone so far and I'm looking forward to making them better so any feedback is appreciated. Even negative feedback - because if you're a prick about it I'll just make fun of you in comments.

By the way, if you like these, go nuts with spreading the word. Put them on your own site, send them to friends, go viral, pretend you wrote the script, whatever. Have fun!

UPDATE: After this initial flurry of activity, you probably won't see any new vlogs for a while. My kids arrive in about an hour and I don't really want them to se me acting crazy like this. I don't know if I'll get around to doing any more during the week so you might have to wait until next weekend for a new vlog post.


allmylovins said...

Loved the content!!! Laughed the whole time. The goatse effect on the second one was great. (I hope that is how you intended it to look) It does appear that you were enjoying it and not really angry, like you were about to laugh.

Enjoy having the kids!

Mr Angry said...

nobody gets my goatse jokes, glad you appreciate it allmylovins :)

Di said...

That is such an AWESOME vlog. I LOFF it!

mooncrazy said...

Why are you wearing that make-up? Is this an Aussie thing? I'm not getting it.

Mr Angry said...

Di: thanks a lot! More to come

mooncrazy: The mask is a "cocept" thing I've had for a while. It may or may not be a permanent part of the character, I'm working things out as I go along.

And yes, all Australian men are transsexuals