Friday, June 23, 2006

Deep Fried Spam Sandwich

I thought I'd evoke some Elvis style culinary delights today. It seems my Wordpress blog has attracted enough attention to earn around 50 comment spam a day. And the automatic spam protection blocks every one of them. Ha! Fuck you in the neck with Akismet anti-spam you evil, anti-social fucks!

Which of course leads me to wonder if Akismet can be so effective, why cant everyone else?

Anyway, another 12 hour drive with the kids tomorrow, after which I should be able to dedicate my full attention to the blogosphere once more. I will just say to the people finding me via "Russell Crowe Jack Marx" searches: I am indeed Russell Crowe's new stooge. Me and Rusty are best mates because I respect him as the greatest actor of his generation and he appreciates my honesty and insight. The money is secondary.


Michelle said...

Where are the photos of you buddies hanging out together then?

allmylovins said...

hmmmm....the money is secondary. Are you paying him or is he paying you? (Michelle, shhh, Don't tell Mr Angry.....He just wants to be his b*tch....the only pictures are in is vivid imagination, remember the non-conversation he had with a co-worker? It's just an over active imagination) I'm so glad to hear you and Mr Russell are hitting it off so well. Keep us posted ;)

Mr Angry said...

Ha! You just wait, I got a new version of photoshop... I mean I'm going out with Russel real soon and then I'll have a pic.