Saturday, June 24, 2006

McDonalds Toilet Humour

Well, there's a lot that made me angry on the drive back home but most off all I was angry at the conspiracy I uncovered at a roadside McDonalds. It isn't enough that they're clogging colons with "food" deep fried in lard, they're clogging minds now with their filthy toilet humor in kids' Happy Meals. The suggestively named "Wet and Wild" word find puzzle contains some not very well hidden depth charges to blow the kiddies' minds.

McDonalds helpfully highlights one word "RAIN" (in blue) to get you started. I have highlighted in red the first two words my kids found:

Now, my kids were in a forgiving mood and said you cant spell "POOL" without "POO" but how they hell can they explain throwing in "WEE" (in the pool perhaps?") Particularly when they given the puzzle the suss name of "Wet and Wild". I am determined that heads will roll for this - I won't be satisfied until the head of McDonalds accepts responsibility and resigns.

And I am not immature. Shut up and leave me alone.


Michelle said...

He hee. Wee and poo. That's rude.

Mr Angry said...

I'm glad someone shares my sense of humour :)

pint-sized said...

Have you seen the new toys for kids- cuddly toys called 'Poo' and 'wee'- desperately trying to get my hands on one!

Mr Angry said...

Pint size - you absolutely have to provide a pic if you find them, that sounds awesome!