Monday, July 24, 2006

Mr Angry runs your life for you

I was planning some future posts for this blog and a long-established pattern suddenly became clear to me. The vast majority of material I have been writing revolves around rules. Rules for life. Rules for work. Even rules for romance. I realised this was for a good reason: people are sheep who need to be led.

Let me provide a bit of clarification: I have decided people fall into one of three categories. (1) Idiots who will never get it together and need to be beaten with sticks/fucked in the neck with various implements/regularly castigated in this blog. (2) People looking for guidance who will follow my god-like decrees without question, I mean, people who will take my thoughtful, gently articulated advice on board and change their lives accordingly. (3) People who completely get it and are part of the angry alliance. See my blogroll and regular commenters for examples of these people. Get to know them because they will be forming the government, secret police and my personal bodyguard when I take over the world.

It seems, without realising it, I have been forming my manifesto through these blog posts. It just goes to show, if you don't know for sure what you want to do with a blog make sure you say what needs to be said first and the big picture will come into focus later. So don't be troubled if you feel a compulsion to change your previously existing world view to conform with mine.

It's for your own good.


pigeon weather said...

whew - just spent half a weekend with mr control freak and his obedient child. a freak, yes, but really falling into category one, a flake needing firm external guidance. funny how some people try to be just exactly what they're not.

Mr Angry said...

Teah, it's up to us to show these misguided fools their true role in life.