Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mr Angry versus Alan Jones part two

With all the shit going down in the world right now, it's refreshing that some things never change. What a shame that it's the most base and reprehensible aspects of humanity that don't seem to change. And when I think base and reprehensible I think Alan fucking Jones.

I heard him on TV last night, applauding one of his listeners who said that Lebanese Australians who had been caught in the current conflict in Lebanon weren't real Australians; they were "opportunistic" and they should be left behind and only their Australian passports should be repatriated. The stupidity behind statements like that is not unusual but it always manages to astonish me how ignorant people can be.

Jones continues to amaze simply because he's playing with fire. He seems to be really enjoying inflaming redneck passions lately but it's as if he's prodding pit bulls to attack toddlers while he has a lamb chop hanging around his own neck. The pit bulls might be enjoying attacking the targets selected by Jones but one day its bound to notice that he's wearing a tasty chunk of meat and they'll rip his throat out getting it.

In case my well crafted metaphor was too obtuse for you, it's meaning is thus: Rednecks who hate foreigners also have a tendencies to hate gays. Not saying Alan Jones is gay because I don't actually know - he's never sucked my dick and I don't want him to. A certain police officer who arrested Jones in a public toilet had an opinion on the matter - he thought Jones "shook it once too many times" shall we say. I think persecuting people simply for being gay is wrong. I also think vilifying people because of their ethnicity is wrong.

Jones clearly thinks it's OK to inflame passions and prejudice along ethnic lines and a significant number of his listeners embrace this enthusiastically. From what I know of Australian yob culture (first hand) it would be easy to turn this same mob violently homophobic. I wonder how Jones would react then?

Ah well. There a few laughs to be had at his expense with the recordings featured in this video. I wonder if the egg marketing people would be impressed to hear his views of them after they paid him a fortune to shill their crap? An a bit of the potty mouth action always cracks me up. Enjoy.


syandiedtoday said...

i like your anger. inspiring.

Mr Angry said...

I'm here to inspire