Monday, July 03, 2006

Vlog Update

I'm pretty goddam angry right now at the camera I was using to make my vlogs. For those who were fooled by my stunning production values, I was using my pocket sized digital camera to shoot the videos. This is very much a secondary function of the camera and this became very evident on the weekend when I was shooting another vlog.

The video has this high pitched noise running all the way through it which makes it unusable. I can't imagine anybody sitting through it without getting really pissed off, so I'll have to shelve it. My best guess as to why this has happened is that I overloaded the rather basic microphone built into the camera with all my shouting. Now it can't record sound without this terrible noise. This means there won't be any new vlogs for a while because I need a new camera.

This has brought forward a plan I had all along to get an actual video camera but I won't actually have it in hand until this weekend at the earliest. And my kids are staying with me this weekend so that means no vlog this weekend as I'm not freaking them out by swearing and screaming while they're in the house. So no new vlogs for at least a week.

Unless I do an "out-takes" vlog. My girlfriend thought it was funny watching me edit a video because she got to see all the bits I cut out - me staring vacantly into space, reading my script, swearing when I screw up a line. It would be a sort of DVD extra features behind-the-scenes edition. This is potentially amusing but reeks of self-indulgence. And blogging is no place for self-indulgence. I'd be interested in any feedback on this idea.

Seeing as everyone liked my previous post about my voice mail prank, I think I will do a dramatic re-enactment of this when I get my new camera. There are a few logistical issues to work out with this, like getting an office space where I can re-create it (there's no way I'm using my own office). But I'm sure I can work it out. Any readers in Melbourne want to volunteer their work space for a weekend/after hours shoot?

This is all assuming Adam from the camera shop isn’t too scared to sell me the video camera when I go back to the shop. He seemed very interested in how I would be using the camera so I gave him the blog URL so he could see what I’ve been doing so far. I also warned him that the content can be a bit… ummmm… confrontational. But he at least has met me in real life so he can hopefully separate the Mr Angry persona from the real me.

Either that or he’s going to call in sick this weekend once he reads my blog.

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