Monday, July 10, 2006

Mr Angry Vlog Number Nine

So I'm taking Sean's advice on how to conquer YouTube and responding to a highly watched video that I could relate to. So I suppose this is the first vlog I've done that isn't based on previously published blog material.

I probably should get over this desire to dominate the online world but I'm very shallow. And I don't have a nice enough bum to wave it around in front of a camera so I'm trying this method. And you might notice my new camera style - I'm experimenting. I hope it isn't too annoying the way it moves but I think you can feel the anger vibrating.

1 comment:

pigeon weather said...

enjoyed it! my own peeve about those automated voice systems is when they fail to understand what you're saying. they say "please say yes or no, now" and you say "yes" and they say "i'm sorry, can you repeat that please, i didn't quite understand", and you go through it again and again and finally you say "FUCK YOU GOD DAMN IT DID YOU UNDERSTAND THAT?"