Saturday, July 01, 2006

Stormfront come out as gay support group

I feel compelled to bring some fantastic news to the blogosphere. White supremacist group Stormfront, long thought to be nothing but a bunch of brain-dead loser fuckwits who tried to over-compensate for their own inadequacies by blaming everyone else for how pathetic and worthless they were, have come out as supporters of gay Jews everywhere. This will come as a surprise to many but the signs were always there if you looked.

Why else would a bunch of buff young men spend so much time together with their shirts off if it wasn't to get some of that man love?

Stormfront are to be congratulated on this move. Yes, there is nothing more pathetic than some loser piece of shit who belongs to the most privileged ethnic group on the planet (white males) complaining that other ethnicities are keeping them down, but Stormfront are moving past that.

Yes the days of hate are over for Stormfront, it's all man-on-man action for them from here on in. They are going to love their neighbour... and I mean looooooove.

Stormfront are a lesson to us all. Anyone can grow beyond being being a knuckle-dragging moron who should wake the fuck up to the fact if they are the "master race" then white folks are doomed. Stormfront have learned their lesson.

You should love your fellow man. Stormfront certainly do. I think all concerned bloggers should promote this news. Feel free to link to this post and/or promote Stormfront by linking their name to this URL: This is their chosen gay support group. Spread the word.


To the best of my knowledge, Stormfront have not become a Jewish gay support group. As far as I know, Stormfront are still the same ignorant racist fuckwits they have always been. My clue was when some racist pigfucker put some comment spam on my blog stuffed with links to racist Stormfront propaganda.

I FUCKING HATE COMMENT SPAM! The usual stupid commercial spam is bad enough,but when some pigfucker tries to push racist propaganda through my blog I take action. Nothing would make me happier than if someone putting "Stormfront" into Google was directed to a gay Jewish support group. This is why I'm recommending linking the word Stormfront to

White supremacists are such dicks! I mean, come on! White people already rule the world. If you see a minority getting ahead of you, it's fairly likely that the reason is not that they're getting preferential treatment, IT'S THAT YOU'RE A FUCKING WHITE TRASH LOSER! I know there are racists of every race, creed and religion who preach hatred against those they perceive as "other" but whitey thinking the darkies have an unfair advantage? Just fuck off OK?
Oh, and in closing, I would like to point out that I don't think "gay" is an insult. I just couldn't think of anything that would piss off those Stormfront losers more than being linked to a gay Jewish support group.

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