Sunday, July 09, 2006

The Other Woman

Well my girlfriend called me tonight while I was driving and could hear the other woman was in the car with me. My girlfriend knew that meant I was driving, whenever she hears the other woman's voice she knows that means we're in the car together. I take her other places sometime but usually it's just in my car.

When the other woman first came into my life, it was for all the right reasons. She was going to make my life better, help me out when I most needed help. So why do I feel like it all devolved into her telling me what to do in an irritating monotone? I suppose I only have myself to blame, there was the promise of good times with music and staying in contact with friends but I could never be bothered.

She makes me angry - she sees it as trying to help me, I see it as her always telling me what to do. I know I make her angry too, especially when I ignore her telling me what to do. It's just that she's so obsessive and controlling - it's impossible to get through to her that there are alternative ways of looking at things. She never says so, but I know it makes her angry when I ignore her. She'll keep telling me what to do until we end up somewhere she's satisfied with with. She gives me direction in life but there are times I want to find my own way.

I left the other woman behind to come inside and write this post. The more I think about her, the more I think she could be my ticket to fame and fortune. If I knew how to program a GPS navigation system to talk with personality instead of that annoying fucking monotone I bet I'd sell a million of them.

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