Thursday, July 06, 2006

The Truth About Rocketboom

What are you, a fucking idiot? You're looking on a blog for truth? Blogs aren't the homes of truth, they're the homes of rumour innuendo and opinion (informed and otherwise). The two main protagonists have both posted first hand accounts of what happened that are completely contradictory. And you think you'll find the truth on a third party blog?

Face up to exactly what this extremely small storm in a teacup means to you: nothing. If you enjoyed watching Amanda Congton on Rocketboom and you can't bear the thought of them being apart, step away from the computer and get a fucking life. If the folk still at Rocketboom have the talent and the will, they'll continue to produce Rocketboom and enjoy success. Likewise for Congton (except not with Rocketboom). End of story. But you do not have a stake in this story. You do not know what the truth is. And you never will.

This may well be the acid test of whether micro-celebrity in the digital age can successfully translate to a new property. That is something interesting. That is something blogs can explore. That is something to have an opinion about. Taking sides in a fight you know nothing about is bad enough in the schoolyard. For fuck's sake, get some perspective.

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