Saturday, July 08, 2006

A Week of Milestones

Lots of things to note this week; most good, spiced with a few to make me really fucking angry. My Wordpress stats passed 20,000 hits this week, something I would have found impossible to conceive when I started. And then I remind myself I only started at the end of March. I'm going to be distinctly un-angry for a moment and say there's no way I would have kept going without the faithful support and feedback from my regular readers. Without you guys it isn't a blog - it's a waste of time. And I passed 150 posts yesterday - it's getting so I don't even remember everything I've written.

And a few things to correct the angry spectrum: (1) the pigfuckers who stole my content, (2) the continuing barrage of comment spam and (3) the haters on YouTube. All of these have mitigating factors:

(1) Tom's help in finding the losers stealing content (I'm still in love with the fact the reason they were caught stealing was that my post included a link to Tom's blog post that was my inspiration - God was watching those pricks on his own computer that day.)

(2) Akismet continues to kick the comment spammer's butts. Almost nothing get past it, I love this product! Oh, and real comments passed 1,000 before spam comments did. A small but important victory.

(3) Range balancing out the haters on YouTube. Thanks dude, although truth be told, I could care less about those weenies because (a) I did bait them pretty mercilessly and (b) They're just showing themselves up to be losers.

Youtube is a bit weird actually, it's interesting the mix of things that get a large number of views. From the obvious titillation (hot young girls) to some professionally produced things to some really interesting and quirky individuals that gain an audience just by putting themselves out there. I was quite surprised to see a couple of high flying aussies winning lots of fans with no real gimmicks, just heaps of personality and individual insight. So two big thumbs up to Blunty3000 and Seanbedlam. And big thanks to Sean for his tip on gaining viewers.

So I may yet conquer the world of YouTube. Stay tuned.

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