Friday, July 21, 2006

Why is it so hard to give some people money?

Those of you with good memories will remember I blogged about getting a new video camera a few weeks ago. For those of you with bad memories: I loaned you fifty bucks last month - when are you going to pay me back? I was prompted to get a new camera because the cheap one I was using went screwy and was making a high pitched noise. I thought it was unusable but everyone voted it was fine so I kept going. I've made about 20 videos since then.

Just as well I didn't wait until I had a new camera because I'm still fucking waiting for one. I decided on the model I wanted and found a shop that was selling it for $200 less than anyone else and seemed to know what they were talking about. Then I missed getting the last one in stock by literally 30 seconds. Oh well, I thought, no biggie. It'll only take a week to get another one. Yeah, right.

One week stretched to two and this weeks make three. This morning I get a bizarre call. Adam from the camera shop tells me the wholesaler has cancelled the order without telling them until today. This is because they're releasing a new model. Next month. So they're not supplying any more of the model I ordered. But they didn't tell anyone. Fuckers.

In retaliation, I'm flexing the only muscle a consumer has - I'm going to buy a different brand. This isn't the top dollar model (damn, I'd love one of those $5,000 jobbies) but it's not a cheap one either. I'm not saying exactly how much in case everyone thinks I'm an idiot. So it's a shopping trip for me tomorrow. Retail therapy is always such fun. Anyway, I'm also going to write a letter to the maker of the one I'm NOT buying to tell them how much the whole situation sucks and how they lost my money. Then when I'm famous I'll slag off the brand on every chat show in the world.

I'm sick of being fucked around by bastards. Fuck them in the neck with a credit card.

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