Thursday, July 27, 2006

A short video interlude

I am still deeply dissatisfied with my failure to dominate YouTube. Originally I was simply using YouTube as a tool to serve up videos for this blog but since seeing how many viewers a lot of the videos on YouTube get, I'm determined to get a bit of that action. It's that whole world domination obsession of mine.

I have learned two tricks to attracting viewers, one is featuring (or seeming to feature) semi-nekkid people and another is to respond to a popular video and ride on their coat-tails. This video is a response to one of the most popular YouTubers - a perky little 17 year old girl (so I'll obviously never be as popular as her). The context is she makes a humourous video about a science topic, this one was the coriolis effect. So here's my response:

If anyone wants to see how gross and childish I am, I'll post the first take where I farted then couldn't stop laughing. If I get enough requests, that is :)

I was also thinking of doing a "social experiment" on YouTube like my "uncut action" video where I see how many viewers I can trick into watching my videos by making them look like porn. I was going to do one with nekkid ladies, one (as requested by Saly) with nekkid men for the ladies, one with lesbians (which would attract horny hetero males, not lesbians) and one aimed at gay men. Then I would know what porn images were best for tricking desperadoes.

But I couldn't bring myself to do it. It just seemed to icky. What do you all think? Should I exploit the horny nature of YouTubers?

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