Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Mr Angry Vlog Number Eight

Due to popular demand, here is the vlog I recorded on the weekend - high pitched noise problem and all. I'm glad everyone convinced me to do this as I quite liked the performance, it was a hard decision to ditch it. And a wrong decision according to the consensus. So enjoy. And you only have yourselves to blame if it hurts your ears.

Still, then you'd know my pain. I have this fucked-up high pitched tinnitus in my ears 24/7.

This is the link in case I screwed up the embed again:

As always, if you feel so disposed distribute this far and wide. Embed the video on your own site, tell people you wrote the script, hell, say it's you in a mask if you like - just link back to the original youtube video. BTW, if anyone knows the secret to promoting a video on youtube, let me know because I haven't worked that one out yet.


pigeon weather said...

i can only hope to develop goldfish memory after hearing some of the things in here :}

Mr Angry said...

Hehehehe, true, it's not for the faint of heart.