Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Angry at Myself

So why am I angry at myself? Because I'm a big wuss. A namby-pamby scared to go for it girl's blouse.

To explain a little, I had been making one post a day for the last three weeks because I was worried I wouldn't be able to maintain more than that over the course of a year. Having set myself the arbitrary goal of posting every day for a year this seemed like the prudent thing to do. Seemed like it but now I've realised, can I really only manage to write one things a day?

Hell no.

So I will keep posting at least once a day but often more than that. And I have also decided to link to some of my favourite examples of angry on teh internets. Because we all know the reason the net exists is so we don't feel alone in our angriness.

To start off, here's a long angry essay on

You have to watch an ad to see the whole article, but it's worth it. It's an anti-anti-feminist rant - part of the ongoing "mommy wars" - so its heart is in the right place. And some damn fine examples of the angry. The money quote:

"But I guess I learned something new about myself in this process: Apparently I am tough enough to kick someone with cancer, but only after feeling bad about it for a while."

Damn, I wish I'd said that about someone who pissed me off.


Evi said...

Why is it in our nature to always be picking a fight with anyone who's willing to fight back? I personally could give a crap what other people say or do or how they live. If they ask my opinion,well then yes, I'll give it to them but otherwise...nope...don't care. I think I've got that apathy disease you posted about earlier...and yet I oppose my own opinion by wanting to be heard about my opinion. Maybe I am schizophrenic.
I work full time right now helping put my awesome husband through a late decision in life education degree plus we raise 4 children who are 10,6,6 and 4. Some days I wish I was at home, other days I am glad I am not. These are facts I just stated, not attached to any opinion about the matter. You play the hand you're dealt, even the card that thinks your life sucks right now or not. Feminism or Anti-Feminism garbage is not on the table for me!

. said...

Great site.
Would be wonderous if stupidity was painful!!

Mr Angry said...

With you all the way Evi, choice is what it comes down to. Anyone who wants to really get me angry just has to talk in absolutes. Give people credit for being individuals and don't slot them into narrow categories!