Saturday, April 29, 2006

The Pundits Calling the Kettle Black

The whole idea of the role and prominence of pundits has been bubbling away in my mind since reading of a recent stir involving right wing pundit and blogger, Michelle Malkin. She seems to be one of the pin-up girls of the right, the other (who seems to be their favourite) is Anne Coulter. And let me just say, I really don't agree with the idea that Anne Coulter is sexy. Ignoring for a moment that she's clearly insane, the woman's a skank. To quote a tasteful bit of Australian venacular - I wouldn't touch her with someone else's dick. After thinking about it for a while - why does the right put forward Coulter as sexy when Malkin is way hotter - all I can come up with is she isn't white enough for the majority of their tastes.

Which brings me to the subject of race, which is at the centre of Malkin's little storm. Malkin has come down firmly against recent protests by Mexican nationals, protests centering on their status as illegals within the US. One of the things Malking did on her blog (she's in Technorati's top 10 so it actually matters what she does in her blog - unlike my inconsequential ramblings) was post the names and home phone numbers of some protestors.

Now this is fucked up. These people had to endure harassment and death threats from the shit-heels who like the reactionary crap Malkin goes on with. She copped a pretty severe blowback over this and received a torrent of abuse. No surprise that a lot of it was sexist (she's female) and racist (she's of Asian descent). This is plain stupid and it always happens. When you can easily attack someone simply on the grounds they're a fuckwit, why bother with racism and sexism?

But we pass through the looking glass when the lunatic fringe right gets up in arms over this abuse. Yeah, right - they're never sexist or racist. I agree that anyone who indulged in this gutter level response should be ashamed and I'll distance myself from them as far as possible. But I don't need these right wing pigfuckers who base what passes for their public discourse on racism, sexism, homophobia and lies moralising to me. I like the idea of pounding their Neanderthal skulls with a heavy cast-iron soot-blackened kettle.

It's intellectual violence! You see? You're the pot! You called the kettle black. Now the kettle is saying "Fuck you, shithead!"


Dr. Nazli said...


Also do you know in a recent poll taken, an anti-immigration crowd happenes to be recent immigrants! They do not want anyone else to have what they have.

The ordinary American in the street is in fact quite welcoming and supportive.

As for Malkin/Coulter attractive factor Mr Angry, neither quite represents the beauty-brain of the female race - there is something quite beautiful about compassion and they both lack it in loads

enjoy your Sunday :-). cheers

Mr Angry said...

I have noticed that trend myself Dr Nazli. Much has been made of the fact Malkin is the daughter of immigrant parents and seems to have a thing against foreigners. She even wrote a book defending the internment of Japanese nationals during WW2.

An ex-gf of mine was a south african migrant and she had a real thing against refugees as she had to jump thru all these immigration hoops and considered the refugees were 'getting a free ride'

You are also right on the money about true beauty. Any discussion regarding the relative attractiveness of those is a moot point as I doubt I'd be able to stand their presence for more than a few seconds.