Thursday, April 06, 2006

Seriously, I'm not Angry About Politics

I mean it... in the past I was angry about politics but that's all behind me. Although I do have one question for American voters:

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Why do you love draft dodgers so much? Seriously, it seems like that's the case. Look at the evidence: George Bush Snr - war veteran, combat pilot. Bill Clinton - dope smoking draft dodger. And more recently: John Kerry - decorated war veteran. Bush Jnr - coke snorting, drink-driving, womanising draft dodger!

I actually expect politicians to be politicians to be two-faced, double-dealing liars but even I have my limits. Sometimes I just wanna smack that stupid monkey smirk right off Bush's face. "Ah'm a wah pezzident!" Yeah, right. All that motherfucker knows about war is how to stay as far away from the gunfire as possible.

As easy as it would be to be angry at all Americans for fucking up the world, that's too big for me to deal with. Besides, they not all responsible for what their government does. So I've decided to be angry about something I can focus on. I'm going after Americans for something they're all guilty of...

It's about time someone called these goddam Americans to account for the continual, wilful and malicious desecration of the English language.

More on this later.

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