Friday, April 14, 2006

Explaining Myself

One of my readers pointed out to me I may have gone a little far with one of the phrases in my last post. She was was also kind enough to say the post was still funny which was nice. The phrase in question was "I hunt and I'm extremely likely to shoot you if you try to stop me owning enough guns to compensate for my impotence caused by a lifetime of sexual abuse from my father"

And of course, she was absolutely right. There's nothing remotely funny about child abuse. This post isn't an apology as in "sorry, I won't do it again". It's more an apology along the lines of "sorry for being so horrifically crass but the mental state I get in when I write these posts means it isn't possible to guarantee I won't write something worse in the future".

Full disclosure: that wasn't even the first thing I thought of writing. Originally it was going to be "...compensate for my tiny penis." But somehow that didn't seem angry enough. Ah well. The challenge lies in me finding ways to be angry, abusive and crass without belittling things that I think are important.

Fun and games.

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