Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Tipping Point

No, nothing about Malcolm Gladwell here (although read his site - his insights are very interesting), I just want to post a little warning about taking word misuse too far. Let me tell you about a little biscuit/scone incident in the good old USA that almost tipped me over the edge.

I was in a cake shop and they were selling what would be called rock cakes in Australia. Basically big, chunky oversize biscuits (cookies) in a mound-like shape. And what did they call them? ...scones!


I swear, I almost jumped the counter and strangled them. This is the sort of thing we need to take a stand on. You can't go around swapping words whenever you feel like it. I can't say it often enough!

And they treat you like you're the crazy one when you point it out to them... by bashing their face against a glass cabinet. That is not a fucking scone! If anything, that's a biscuit! This thing over here, this light, fluffy thing, THIS is a scone! Get it right goddamit!

What the hell is wrong with you people?


pigeon weather said...

two comments from an American.

1) Feel sorry for us, not angry. Half of us are total morons, and drive the other half crazy. Plus it's always "whoever steals the election first is the winner". Kennedy stole it once. Nixon stole it back. Bush stole it twice. Next?

2) I will never order a scone at the coffee shop again. Instead I will point at it and say "that one, whatever you call it"!

Mr Angry said...

Dude, totally with you. I hope my later posts have explained my stance a bit more. And the pointing always works well when one travels to strange and foreign places!

Rene said...

Dam Dunkin Donuts ruined it for all of us

Jennifer (ponderosa) said...

I am so confused. So, uh, what IS a scone, if it's not one of those lumpy crumbly things that have to be drunk with milk because they're so dry? (I have always disliked scones. Or so I thought.)

Mr Angry said...

I think the tradition is with tea, Jennifer. And covering the scone with jam and cream. And that's jam, not jelly dammit! Jelly is a dessert made with flavoured gelatin. Ohhhh, damn. Now I've gotten worked up about that word misappropriation.

As for what a scone is, it would be easier to do a google search for scone recipes rather than try to understand any garbled description I come up with. But properly done, they're light and fluffy.