Sunday, April 09, 2006

Recognise the Differences

I know I'm flogging this topic a bit but I have one more point to make. The using of the wrong words is bad enough but what really made me angry when I was in the US was people who couldn't conceive of anyone thinking differently to them. The fact that the original word existed before they came up with their brilliant idea to use it for something else doesn't even register.

"Whut? Y'all sayin' somewhere else can tell America whut tuh do? What are you? Some kinda Ayrab-commie-tehrist?"

Like this time I was in Vegas with a local and I got distracted by the flashing lights and almost walked into a telegraph pole. And I actually said "Whoa, I almost hit that telegraph pole." And he stares at the pole for a while, clearly wondering what I'm talking about, then he gets this big shit-eating grin and says to me like I'm about 5 years old (and not the brightest 5 year old in the kindergarten either) :

"Dude, we have this new invention called the telephone. We don't communicate by telegraph any more, this is a telephone pole."

Smart bastard.

There's no answering that while maintaining dignity so I said: "Shut up and get me to the pony express office. I gotta drop off this postcard before the rider leaves."


Blogger said...

Nice blog Mr. angry.

Thanx for the comments on
can you answer these questions ?

beatnikzblog said...

i used to be Ms crib-sulk-whine and felt like forcing every other girl i knew from the already-been-used-spot-for-committing-suicide spot of our college building, till jus a few days ago. but after switchin over to the soothin pink template, i've almost gotten over that urge. hope it works out well for u too! take care!

Dr. Nazli said...

oh Mr Angry - I have been reading through your very smart blog :-) "ditto" often comes to mind amidst the laughter

Cheers my angry friend!

Mr Angry said...

Aha! Endorsement from a doctor! Wait until I tell my therapist this!

I should stop using so many exclamation points.

Mr Angry said...

Oh, and Thaparian, you should share your profile page so there is a link to your blog here - I've forgotten the name of it and can't find my way back.