Saturday, April 29, 2006

Are You Feeling Angry?

When I'm feeling angry I tend to go for some cathartic therapy... like ranting in a borderline insane manner on a blog. Well, my kids actually pointed me to an alternative today, one that appealed to my twisted sense of humour. They love their internets these kids and they're always finding new free games to play. The latest goes by the fairly innocuous title of "Interactive buddy".

The first hint that this may be a little more twisted than the name suggests is when they describe the gameplay as "Imagine you have a buddy you can do pretty much anything to." It turns out this "buddy" is basically designed for you to persecute. You get points for slapping him around, hitting him with things, blowing him up and setting him on fire. And you can change his appearance to look like a tellytubby (those damn tellytubbies are past due for a beatdown) or even a political figure you think needs some payback.

The really sick bit that appealed to me was that the buddy "learns" what you are doing. You can drop a hand grenade next to him and he stands there until it blows up. Then he knows grenades are dangerous and runs in terror when you lob some more. Ahhhh, Shakespeare couldn't have written better comedy.

It's on a whole bunch of game sites if you want to get some sick laughs - I know I enjoy it. I'm not going to link to any of them because, well, they're not paying me to. Type "virtual buddy free flash game" into any search engine and you'll find it. And if you're thinking of saying this is sick and sadistic, it's better to get this out of your system in a video game than in real life... or is it?

I'm going out for a while now, I'll report back later.


Dr. Nazli said...

Mr Angry - ever heard of rugby or football or even cricket? Oh i guess those are not aggressive enough for you, what with your "interactive buddy" and all...;-) ?

Mr Angry said...

Physical activity, who me? Ummmm, if it involves getting out of a comfortable chair I'm not real keen for it.

Michelle said...

Why go outside with all the great activities there are on the internet. We really don't need an outside anymore.