Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Melbourne Comedy Festival

The fine and livable city of Melbourne is hosting its annual Comedy Festival right now and last night my lovely girlfriend and I decided to take in a show. For something a little different I thought I'd give a quick review - I promise to be angry about something later today. I have no idea if anyone in Melbourne actually reads this blog but on the off chance they do, here are some recommendations.

After finding out last week that Ross Noble was already booked out, we decided to take pot luck - just show up in town and see who could convince us to see their show. Tuesday nights are known as Tightarse Tuesday - most shows have cheaper than usual tickets (this was not the only reason for going out on a Tuesday night but, hey, cheap is good).

We were given a few flyers and ended up decided to see one Sammy J - the man himself was handing out the flyers so we thought we'd encourage his hard work. It turned out to be a good show, not just standup comedy (not that there's anything wrong with good standup comedy). Young Sammy J (he's all of 22) sings, plays music and even uses multimedia as he takes you on a tour of Australia in 55 minutes. He even has a website - well worth checking out if you have the chance.

By coincidence, the venue right next door was featuring a show called "I Heart Racism" that is being directed by an old college mate of mine, Adrian, who I hadn't seen in years. We had a quick catch up and this will be the next show I see. It was apparently a big hit in last year's Melbourne Fringe Festival and it's bound to be hilarious. Adrian says it's full of the swears (always good) and he's a man who knows the funny.

I suppose I could say I'm angry because these guys are funnier than me and getting to do this performances but that would be a cop-out. It didn't make me angry - it was a great time. And I have plenty of things that really make me angry.

More later.

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