Monday, April 17, 2006

I Can't Make Up My Mind

That's right, today I'm angry because I can't make up my mind. I can't make up my mind which hippie most deserves a beating. I've been reading the promotional paper for the upcoming hippie "expo" again (I believe it's called something like "Fleece the desperate gullible fools for all they're worth" or was it "Bullshitapalooza '06"?)

Anyway, working my way through, I stumble across an article headed "Why you chose your partner". I'm perfectly happy to accept that a hippie might have some advice for a balanced relationship so I read on. There is apparently a "hidden reason" you picked your partner. Doubtless the hippie is about to share their wisdom of what this reason is, so I read on. It seems it's all to do with wanting to meet needs that weren't met when we were growing up. That seems reasonable.

Then we get this piece of wisdom: "All children go through stages of development - for instance being babies". Riiiiight. So the wisdom to be gathered here is that we were all once babies. *Phew* Lucky I read this or I might never have known. The we get some quotes from an authority on love whose name is -I'm not making this up- Pat Love. Pat Love has written a book called "The Truth About Love". Is suspect that the truth about Pat Love is that s/he is a lying shitbag who preys on vulnerable people by spouting meaningless generalist rubbish and charging them a fortune for the privilege.

Then the big question: Is there one thing all couples need to know? The answer: people need to know what love is. Well, Foreigner told us that years ago. I think these hippies owe them royalties. Then we get to the meat of the matter - your partner isn't wrong, you are. "Being the right partner is more important than finding the right partner." And for me, here is the money quote:

"What does your partner ask you to do that you continually reject?"

So now it's clear. This whole article is born out of the fact that hippie's partner won't go along with a suggestion that doubtless involves latex masks and strap-on dildoes. Sick hippie freaks.


Niels said...

I totally know how you feel. I'm easily irritated, even angry, about totally stupid people.

For instance; in my country a lot of people live near the same airport, and they have, trough court, forced the airport to change its flightplans so they don't have as much noise over their houses. Which is stupid, because the airport was there first.

What's their solution? The airport -- and the economy in a way -- suffers.


And so on and so forth.

Mr Angry said...

Ohhh, you touched a nerve with me there. The stupidest example of that sort of thing I've seen is Luna Park in Sydney. It isn't the best fun park in the world but it is a Sydney icon. Anyway someone builds some luxury apartments right next door. Then these new residents complain about the noise of the roller coaster. And they fucking get away with it! The rollercoaster get shut down and something that was valuable to everyone get screwed up because of the interests of a tiny minority.

Evi said...

Can I add my example here?
People who have chosen to live in apartment buildings that allow children and then they send hate mail under the door when they hear little footsteps at what they think is a 'god forsaken' time of day...2pm in the afternoon! MOVE then! I had almost stopped bringing my kids to visit their grandparents for the jerk who pesters my mom and dad after we visited oh...once a week! How dreadful could we be!?!
I got my fix though when my parents moved out of their place for another and they sold it to a single lady with a really noisy snot nosed little boy! YEE-HAA, Mr.Downstairs pighead gets his dues!
Funny though mr.angry, when I first crawled through your website I got a mental image of you living downstairs from my mom and dad.
Did I just dig you again?

Evi said...

Uh...sorry...that was supposed to be 'rip' on you. My Canadian Aussie ignorant mistake.
I don't dig you, well I don't hate you...I'll shut up now.

Mr Angry said...

That, my dear Evi, is called a Freudian slip. Admit you're in love with me and we'll call it quits.

pigeon weather said...

here's an anniversary pet peeve. tomorrow is the 100th anniversary of "the big one" here in San Francisco. So, naturally, the local newspigs have to trot out their headlines "Major Quake Now Would Be Catastrophic" - ya think? Do they have to go through the obvious motions every time? Could somebody stop themselves just one time from overstasting the obvious? Bad Things Are Bad. We get it.

Mr Angry said...

Tom, I think you have just put every tabloid (print or broadcast) out of business. "Bad things are bad" That is a summary of everything they evr report!